Discovering Washington wines at Vail Wine Shop, Whidbey Island

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Vail Wine Shop, Whidbey Island
Washington wines — how are they?

Yesterday’s visit at the Vail Wine Shop only confirmed this for me:

(1) I have a lot to learn about Washington wines.

(2) The are some really good Washington wines out there.

Of course, taste is a very, very personal thing. I can only tell you what this wine-taster found. Your experience may well be completely different.

Vail had six wines open for tasting — a riesling, a chardonnay, a sauvignon blanc, two red-wine blends and a merlot.

These were eye-openers for me — excellent wines to my taste, each in their own well-crafted way. The ones that stood out for me:

— The Jack riesling was beautiful — lots of apricots in the wine, to me.

— The Holly Turrner Deux Femmes is a 2003 — repeat: 2003 — sauvignon blanc blend. Can you imagine the depth in this nine-year old white wine?

— The Holly Turner Bordeaux was rich and round — a pleasure to taste.

— The St. Laurent Lucky Red (syrah, merlot and cabernet sauvignon) — is a big-red-wine lovers wine.

The Vail Wine Shop is a delight. Our hosts, Mark and Mary, made this a most warm and welcoming wine tasting experience. They told us about the wineries in a way that gave “flesh and blood” to the labels on the wines.

We happened to miss the owners, Larry and Patsy Vail. Bravo to them for setting such a friendly tone, and creating this fine, fine wine shop — a great introduction to Washington artisan wines.

We left with the Deux Femmes and the Lucky Red. Coming back?

You betcha!

You’ll find the Vail Wine Shop right across the street from the Coupeville Wharf, at 23 Front Street in the Mariners Court building. Here’s a mapquest:

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